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Resha Industrial Corporation provides civil, mechanical, engineering, material testing, and underground utilities to commercial, industrial and municipal clients, throughout the borders of Texas and Louisiana. Each Team member is a highly trained  specialist, that not only carries infinite knowledge in their position, but educated above in beyond in safety.

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Concrete Construction

Resha Industrial Corporation employs over 300 civil specialist, who provide mass area paving, roller compacted concrete, matt foundations, retention slabs, airport runways, duct bank concrete, elevated decks, highways/tollways, tank foundations, retaining walls, side walks, curb and gutter, ADA ramps and wharf docks.

Structural Construction

We cover a wide variety of structural concrete, some of those structural services cover blast proof buildings,  multi level high rise structures, tank pedestals, parking garages, suspended bridges, wind turbine foundations, drilled columns, pipe rack pier systems, and compressor foundations.

Material Testing

The knowledge of how a material will perform is key to success. Our Quality assurance technicians implement the latest procedures utilized in quality control programs. Resha Industrials abilities in construction material engineering include -Soils- densities, proctors, gradations. Concrete – slump, cylinder, mix-design. Asphalt- cores, extraction, cutback sampling.

Mass Excavation

Our excavation services are " Earthmoving" literally. We move several million cubic yards of material every year with our fleet of on-road and off-road equipment and have the ability to complete earthwork on airport runways, highways/tollways, commercial and industrial developments.

Underground Utilities

Utilities is a large aspect of our business, Our diverse utility crews perform all facets of underground utilities involving commercial and industrial developments, transmission water and sewer mains, electrical and communication duct banks, heavy highway drainage infrastructure.

Civil Engineering

We provide a full range of civil engineering services including complete design of grading, drainage, paving, and site improvements for commercial and industrial clients. As members of the communities we serve, we take special responsibility and ownership in every detail of our work and are proud to deliver high-functioning, award-winning projects year after year.

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Corporate Office
Mailing Address

4582 Kingwood Dr, Kingwood, Texas
77345 # 379

4582 Kingwood Dr, Kingwood, Texas
77345 # 379

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Company Hours

Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 6:00pm
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Ph (281) 407-9902

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